International Journal of Astrophysics and Space Science

Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2021

  • On the Extend of Eddington Ratio and Accretion Rate in Seyfert 1 and Hidden Broad Line Region Seyfert 2 Galaxies

    Nwankwo Ifeanyi Francis, Ogwo Jemima Ngozi

    Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, December 2021
    Pages: 51-57
    Received: 11 December 2021
    Accepted: 11 January 2022
    Published: 20 January 2022
    Abstract: We present our result on the Eddington ratios and accretion rates of 13,516 Seyfert galaxies consisting of 6,758 Seyfert 1s and 6,758 Seyfert 2s. These objects under study are a sub-sample of 91,006 Seyfert galaxies from SDSS-DR14. Using the separation criterion > 3 for Seyfert 2 galaxies, the 91,006 objects are separated into Seyferts 1s and 2s an... Show More